• NSF travel grant of $500 to attend QIP 2017.
  • Dean’s Fellowship of $5000 from the Graduate School, University of Maryland (2015).
  • General Proficiency Medal from IIT Kanpur for having the highest GPA of 9.8/10 in the graduating physics cohort (2015).
  • Working Internships in Science and Engineering from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) to fund a summer internship in TU Dortmund (2013).
  • Academic Excellence Award from IIT Kanpur, awarded to top 7% across the class in 2010-2011, 2011-2012, 2012-2013.
  • Ranked 54 out of approximately 472,000 applicants in the Joint Entrance Examination for admission into the Indian Institutes of Technology (2010).
  • Gold medal from the Indian Association of Physics Teachers, awarded to the top 35 out of 30,000 in the Indian National Physics Olympiad (2010).
  • Fellow of the Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana, awarded $8000 by the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India under a scheme to “attract exceptionally highly motivated students for pursuing basic science courses and research careers in science.” (2010).
  • National Talent Search Scholarship from the Government of India (2008).


  • Quantum Computing: where we’re headed
    • Keynote speaker at Cognizance, an event held by the Research Society, Manipal Institute of Technology.
  • The complexity of simulating quantum physics: dynamics and equilibrium
  • Gaussian Boson Sampling and its complexity
  • Implementing a fast unbounded quantum fanout gate using power-law interactions*
  • Optimal State Transfer and Entanglement Generation in Power-law Interacting Systems*
  • Complexity phase diagrams
    • CQuIC seminar, University of New Mexico
    • CS seminar at IQC, University of Waterloo
    • Seminar at Harvard Quantum Initiative
    • Seminar at Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics
    • Quantum seminar at Princeton
    • Quantum Machine Learning Journal Club at Centre for Quantum Technologies, Singapore
  • The importance of the spectral gap in estimating ground-state energies
  • Sampling-complexity phase diagrams
    • IQI seminar, California Institute of Technology, 2019
  • Complexity phase transition in interacting and long-range bosonic Hamiltonians
  • Sampling from ground states of local Hamiltonians
  • Complexity of sampling as an order parameter

*: Presented by co-author


  • Complexity phase transition in interacting and long-range bosonic Hamiltonians: QIP 2019 and TQC 2019.
  • Sampling from ground states of local Hamiltonians: QIP 2019
  • Quantum computational supremacy with Ion Traps: STAQ Kickoff, Duke University.
  • Quantum computational supremacy with Cavity Quantum Electrodynamics: QuICS Stakeholders’ day 2018; Quantum Machine Learning Workshop 2018.
  • Complexity of sampling as an order parameter: QIP 2017; QuICS Stakeholders’ day 2017; Workshop on Computational Complexity and High-Energy Physics 2017.


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